The Quick Fix

We’ve all done it.
Any trending diet that comes around we have all tried them. Whether it’s the one where you can “Lose 7Lbs in a week”, “Burn Fat Fast” or ” Drink your own p*ss & lose 10 stone in a day” 😂

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Now sometimes these things work but not to your benefit. If it does work you have probably just lost some muscle tissue or became severely dehydrated which is just not healthy.

And then your happy for a day or two and the next two weeks involves eating all things delicious 😂

The funny thing is we all know that there is no such thing as a quick fix but for some strange reason, myself included, we grab on to these insane ideas that come to our attention.

Media: “Research shows that a glass of wine can increase your lifespan”

Me: Thank God I’m doing something right

Media: ” Black Pudding can burn Fat!”

Me: Not really a fan but I’ll give it a go(Tears streaming down my face as it goes into my mouth)

Media: “Gain Muscle Mass with a High Carb/Fat Diet”

Me: Hi….ahh….can I get a Large Mighty Mac Meal please, Diet Coke(haha winning), a portion of garlic and a breast of chicken too please.

We all know what foods are bad but we still eat them. We know what foods are good but we leave them aside. We know how to stay active yet we’ll plant ourselves on the couch and watch TV.

Eating healthy or staying active, for a lot of people, is ridiculously hard these days and who can blame them.

With junk food costing half nothing and nail biting Tv shows on netflix why would you do either?

When you and your partner have 3 kids, both of you have 9-5 jobs but have to organize breakfasts, lunches, dinners, dropping one to school, dropping one to pre-school and then the other to creche, all the while dealing with terrible drivers, stress from work on top of stress from home and all you want to do is just to relax.

How have you not died?!

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Where I’m going with this?

Fitness and health is the worlds latest craze but you have to see it as a lifelong thing.

There is no point signing up to a programme doing six months of training, eating the healthiest diet you’ve ever ate just for one day, be it for your wedding or two weeks holidays and then letting it all go to sh#t.

It’s a waste of your time and essentially more time is what you should be working for when you do exercise and eat healthy.

Aim to be the 90 year old who can run after their great grand kids which will then influence them to be the very same way.

You might think that it’s not very realistic but why the F not?

This game is only going to get more popular & as it does people are going to be incredibly healthy and will live longer so why not?

Moral of the story,  if it is a quick fix your looking for go to some clinic and lipo the sh@*e out of yourself because that would be a better waste of your time.

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