Get Real

You will rarely see a blog from me for the simple reason that there is so much information out there already I’d just feel like I’m repeating the 100’s of others
So this one is about being realistic when it comes to how you look and your fitness and health
With today’s pressures, no thanks to social media, everyone wants to be someone else or is constantly trying to improve some aspect of themselves
They want to have the confidence to be able to take that photo that they can put up on Instagram for a like❤️ 
Be it your manly topless six pack picture or your very ladylike lean sideways, arse out, head flicked back picture.

Or you could be the person who takes that impossible picture where they are looking at a beautiful sunset while out for a walk on their own…..the question is though who the f@#k is taking the picture😂😂


Side Note: I would love to see all the failed pictures that were taken trying to get the phone to stand up on a rock, start the timer, leg it to where they thought the shot might be and putting on a relaxed composure for the final 3 seconds…..all for about twenty likes……..knob😂

Don’t get me wrong, having that objective/Goal were you genuinely want to be fit and healthy or improve some aspect of yourself is great
It keeps you motivated and gives you a clear picture of what you want..


The question is though is it realistic right right now?
Are you expecting this to happen in a week? Three weeks?
What I mean is if your working crazy hours, getting literally no sleep, stressed AF, your going to find it hard to lose any weight or change anything with your body.
Throw in a child or two into the mix your bolixed 🙈



With kids you basically double everything you do for yourself.




Whatever your circumstances may be right now you have to take everything into account when your looking to change your lifestyle because doing too much at once can be damaging
If you can only manage one training session a week (while having a full time job with kids or not), without feeling exhausted but are slowly getting results, then that is perfect because there is such a thing as over doing it.
If your training 3 times a week, get 5-6 hours sleep per night, don’t have a great diet because your too tired to cook and you are stressed to the max then I’m afraid you’re not going to do yourself any favors.
Your going to hit a wall and crash.
It could possibly take a couple of years before you even want to try and do it again.

So be realistic.

Don’t be the person who trains 5 days/week, stressed, gets 5 hours sleep then eats junk because you will go nowhere.
Be the one who gets 5 hours sleep, focuses more on their Nutrition and loses weight or maintains.
Do what you can, when you can and make sure you don’t kill yourself,
Like it or not for the majority of people that struggle with weight its going to take lots of time……so take your time, do it right.


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