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Located in the Kilcornan Leisure Centre, Square One is for the busy individual. Made for those that cant commit to any long term programmes, like busy parents, Job sharers, shift workers and people who travel abroad for work.



Cool Running’s is the main programme here. A pay as you go class designed to give anyone a great workout whether you do one class or three.

Classes run Monday, Wednesday and Friday with morning and evening times so you can be flexible throughout the week. No commitment required but you do get contacted if your absent for more than a week without notice just for extra accountability.

Whatever fitness level you are at right now it doesn’t matter because you go at your own pace. It’s about progressing slowly. I’m not going to force you to do anything your not comfortable with but I will state my case if I think you are ready to move forward.

It’s a great environment to train in and that is because of the people who train here. Everyone is there for similar reasons and see results but we try and have a bit of fun at the same time otherwise it gets boring.


Benchwarmers is a weight training programme. Running in 6 week cycles it’s for those looking for a challenge or wanting to take they’re training to the next level.

Its a different programme every 6 weeks. The main priority is to increase strength and muscle mass or toning up when it comes to ladies.

Again anyone can do this whatever level of fitness you think your at. The first two weeks of the programme is dedicated to the technique of each exercise and finding out where to start from when it comes to using weights.







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