Do What You Want!

Just here me out 🙈

There is a lot of different opinions on this so heres mine.

Does it actually matter? If you are getting the results you want, eating healthier, have gained better lifestyle habits or even happier in your own skin, who gives a s#@t how you did it 🙈

Because the thing is people have had just as bad of an experience calorie counting as those with bad experiences with slimming world or Weight watchers.

Essentially the 3 types are the same but they are different ways of counting or tracking your calories.

SW suits some people,WW suits others and calorie counting too.

So why bash em’? There is probably an equal amount of people that have succeeded and failed with each of these methods, it’s just about finding what works for you and f@#k everybody else.

Yes both weight watchers and slimming world are major companies making god knows how much money with they’re questionable strategies (SW=Muller Light yogurts) but Calorie Counting is used by most PT’s, Gyms, and Nutritionists so whatever you do your still paying for it.

At the end of the day it’s all about the accountability, the results and making sure your happy about it.

Do what you f#@kin want 


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