Hazelnut Protein Balls & Protein Snacks


100g Of Hazelnuts

115g Of Dates

45g of Vanilla Protein Powder

45g of Chocolate Protein Powder

15g of Cocoa Powder



. Put your dates in a bowl and level with boiling water. Leave to soak for 10 minutes


. After 10 Minutes mix all of your ingredients in a blender. Don’t blend too much you want your hazelnuts to be courser than sand and not a powder


. Make 8 Balls


. Eat said Balls 😂


1 ball of 8


11.6g Protein

11.9g Carbs

9.1g Fats


Protein Snacks

So in case you skipped the video I talk about protein snacks.

There is so many over priced products out there that say PROTEIN! or HIGH PROTEIN! or OH MY GOD SO MUCH PROTEIN! that its absolute shite

As an example I got 2 kinds of snacks in the shop, a Trek Flapjack and Protein balls.

The flapjack was about 230 Kcals with 9g of Protein and the balls were 111 Kcals with only 3g of protein and both products had PROTEIN! on the label

In my eyes its bullshit. I think its such a con

The poor fuckers who love Flapjacks and eating balls(pun intended😂) and who are trying to lose weight are going to be misled

They see these products and think “Great I can eat this coz its high in Protein” and eat 5 packs ruining everything they have worked for

Same goes for products that say GLUETEN FREE/DAIRY FREE/FAT FREE/NATURAL INGREDIENTS and so on. It triggers something in everyone’s head saying “Oh thats healthy” when it might be the worst think to eat

Obviously if you have a genuine intolerance to any of the above it doesn’t apply

At the end of the day its about Calories

The less Calories you consume and the more you use you will lose weight

If your training in the Gym the less Calories you consume and the more you use you will lose weight but you need to have a higher protein intake


It helps maintain the muscles you have and tone up or build new ones

When your training and not eating enough protein your body will eat away at your muscles for energy so eating more protein can prevent this

Comes down to the fact that your whole body is made up of proteins too in case the above wasn’t a good enough reason

What to pick?

8-10g of protein/100Kcals would be a good place to start making sure you get lots of protein value for you calories and make sure its half decent

Don’t go eating protein bars for the sake of it

Brands like Fulfill and Grenade are pretty nice. Mint Milk choc Fulfill and the Grenade Peanut nutter are the ones I like

Plenty of other snacks out there too just think twice when you come across PROTEIN on anything

Isn’t it awful too😜