I’ve been training with James for nearly a year and can honestly say I’m so delighted to have found his classes.
James is so welcoming and extremely encouraging and each session is different, always a challenge but so worth it!
There’s lots of classes to choose from and kids are welcome to come too which makes life a lot easier for busy moms.
Every session feels like your training with great friends – everyone is really supportive of each other.
Classes are intense but fun and James is a true gent!


Jane O Connell

I was at home for a few months after a stint of travelling and feeling very unfit.

Came across square one training and couldn’t get over how easy it was to get back into training.

James is so sound and puts you at ease straight away no matter what level of fitness (or lack of) that u have.

I noticed after a few weeks that my upper body strength started to improve and I wasn’t getting injured like I normally would (did a lot of f45 fitness training in Australia).

James is always straight over to help with your technique if needed and keeps you motivated (didn’t have this at my F45 class even tho they had 2 trainers there).

Will be very sad to leave this gym as everyone there was really friendly, would defo recommend anyone to give it a go if you want to let off a bit of steam and get your fitness back on track. Also plays some great tunes 👌

-Rachel O Connor

Rachel O Connor

It’s Jan 2019, no exercise in over 3 years, not getting any younger and weight creeping on so it was time to take the bull the horns (or bestie by the hand!👭) And off to Square One.


Nearly 1 year on and still routinely going to classes 😲, which in itself speaks volumes for Square One!!

Square One had all the gym excuses covered

1. Cant afford it💰 – one of the few places you can pay by class and there are several payment options e.g weekly, class bundles

2. I’m not fit enough😟 – no one starting classes rarely is! And there’s people starting every week. I can safely tell you that ALL levels of fitness 0-10 are in classes. Everyone works to their own fitness level under the watchful eye of James👀who will guide you. Square 1 is defo not an intimidating place to exercise

3. No time 🕰– check out the timetable loads of classes to fit most peoples schedules early morning, mid morning & evening Mon to Fri

4. I won’t know anyone😢 – this may be true for day 1 but after that, James will know you by name(its his special power🧞‍♂️), everyone is friendly anyway but sure drag your BFF and make it a social catch up, it worked for me!!

5. I wont know how to do exercises 🏋️‍♀️ – James will demo each exercise, no question is too silly and James is a patient guy (I’ve tested both😳).

Sq1 works for me for all of the above and more. You’ve nothing to lose by seeing if it works for you too 💪.

See ya there 😜.

-Siobhain Stack

Siobhain Stack

My name is Jacqueline and I started going to square one training  May 2019.


I had moved and was looking for fitness classes near me that had variety. After searching the Internet I stumbled across square one training and saw there were walk in classes.

I went to Kilcornan the 1st day and didn’t know where to go but James greeted me at the door and straight away explained what to expect and checked about any injuries. James made me feel very welcome and showed me how to use the roller before starting the class. 

James takes an interest in every individual in his class and I don’t know how but he will always remember every single person’s name and will role call each name when splitting up groups.

The vibe in each class is friendly, welcoming, positive, motivational and competitive especially during a challenge week .

I was familiar with some of the exercises we were doing in the class but even when doing them James always came over to help me tweek my technique to show me how to do it correctly and ensure I wasn’t going to injure myself. James also did this without making me feeling out of place or embarrassed within the class. This was a massive relief for me.

 As time went on I decided to take part in his Benchwarmers classes to change up my fitness routine.

These classes really made me realise that feeling strong really does feel good and I found as these 6 weeks blocks progressed so did my strength.

With James encouragement/accountability I started to stay for the double class of Benchwarmers and cool runnings and realised I was capable of both.

Personally I find James and his classes outstanding as he programs them to benefit every individual, the timetable caters for every lifestyle with morning and evening classes and most importantly for me it is my mindfulness.

It is the times in the week I can focus on my mind, let out frustrations, be comfortable to push my limits and Square One Training creates this environment that makes it possible. I feel myself getting fitter and stronger every week.

James knowledge and expertise has been a massive part of my fitness journey and I would recommend James classes at Square One Training to anyone starting at any level of fitness and if your looking to break a sweat or even just to get out of a rut Square One Training is the place to go.

Thanks James for all the work you do for us all and sharing your expertise

– Jacqueline Caulfield


Jacqueline Caulfield

All my life I have hated my body and tried and failed to get it the way I want it. Finally at 48 years old and 3 kids later I have.


Started with James in February 2019.I did his 6 week challenge which was just what I needed to get me on track.

I have learnt so much about exercise, nutrition, building up good habits, and I lost weight but more importantly for me I lost inches and toned up.

I went from exercising with my own body weight to progressing to heavier weights by the week!!

Now I feel better, healthier and stronger than I have ever done.

Tried so many classes/gyms in the past but for me Square One Training’s classes are the only thing that has made a difference to my body not to mention my mood and over all well being.

James has a wonderful personality making everyone feel welcome.

The fact he remembers everyone’s name is always impressive and I have met some wonderful people.

Cant  recommend Square One Training enough!

Love the music too.

-Joanne Granahan

Joanne Granahan

I started Square One Training back in March 2019. I first joined because a friend of mine had joined in January and I thought she looked amazing.

Since March I have tried to go as much as I can. Personally I started because I wanted to look better and fit into my clothes better but after a few months I realised it wasn’t only helping my figure it was helping my head. It got to the stage that if I fell off the bandwagon for a few classes my boyfriend would be asking when I was going back again because it affected the way I felt about food. The weeks I didn’t go I would feel guilty about every bad thing I ate and just feel generally shite.

I used to get on the scales 2-3 times a day after nearly every meal and if I was a few pounds heavier I’d beat myself up over it. Now I just go by my previously snug clothes fitting better.

Although I have a long way to go to look my best. I have been able to go and buy a pair of jeans in the size I wanted and not be jumping around trying to squeeze into them refusing to go up a size.

After having the most stressful year of my life I have felt much more grounded in the weeks when Iv achieved going to atleast 3 classes.

One of my favorite things about the classes is that they never get easier and they are definitely not monotonous as James is always adding in new and more challenging exercises.

I love how welcome you feel when you walk in and how if you are beside one of the most fit people in the class or beside a beginner you never feel judged.

The effort that James puts in really shows weather it be checking up on how your doing or asking about your holidays. I have never felt like he was just there to make money, you can really tell he has a great passion in what he does.



Rachel Ryder

I’m very happy to write a wee bit on my experiences at Square One Training with James

My name is Daryl, a kiwi and new to the area my brother in law suggested I check out Square One Fitness up the road.


No longer able to play rugby due to a few major knee injuries (as well as age) and similar sports I was beginning to notice how tight my clothes were getting and how I was no where near fitting into my wedding suit.

I was pretty nervous walking into the gym in Kilcornan on day 1 but as soon as I met James I started to feel at ease and energized.

Six months down the track I feel great in my skin, my clothes fit way better, I get compliments on how good I look and the wife is pretty happy with the saggy guts that now shows a few abs.

Everyone I’ve meet at Square One is happy, down to earth and motivated, which is a massive reflection on James and the atmosphere he creates. James definitely knows his stuff and has this ability to make you sweat your arse off whilst having a great time.

Every class is different, challenging and you walk out knackered, stoked and wanting more all at the same time.

Unfortunately I’ve had to move over to the big schmoke (Dublin) so I can’t make the classes anymore and I really miss them.

I fully recommend Square One Training to anyone and everyone.

Not only have I transformed my body and mind, and made new friends but I’ve picked up some really positive habits that I’m actually sticking to over here.

James is very professional with loads of knowledge and he actually cares. I don’t know how he remembers everyone’s name, but he does. He creates an amazing atmosphere and the challenges he sets keeps you active and motivated in between classes. He will even shout you a pint at the social outings he organises for everyone.

Square One Training: Fun, challenging, friends and results.

Thanks James,

Daryl Owens

Daryl Owens