I started Square One Training back in March 2019. I first joined because a friend of mine had joined in January and I thought she looked amazing.

Since March I have tried to go as much as I can. Personally I started because I wanted to look better and fit into my clothes better but after a few months I realised it wasn’t only helping my figure it was helping my head. It got to the stage that if I fell off the bandwagon for a few classes my boyfriend would be asking when I was going back again because it affected the way I felt about food. The weeks I didn’t go I would feel guilty about every bad thing I ate and just feel generally shite.

I used to get on the scales 2-3 times a day after nearly every meal and if I was a few pounds heavier I’d beat myself up over it. Now I just go by my previously snug clothes fitting better.

Although I have a long way to go to look my best. I have been able to go and buy a pair of jeans in the size I wanted and not be jumping around trying to squeeze into them refusing to go up a size.

After having the most stressful year of my life I have felt much more grounded in the weeks when Iv achieved going to atleast 3 classes.

One of my favorite things about the classes is that they never get easier and they are definitely not monotonous as James is always adding in new and more challenging exercises.

I love how welcome you feel when you walk in and how if you are beside one of the most fit people in the class or beside a beginner you never feel judged.

The effort that James puts in really shows weather it be checking up on how your doing or asking about your holidays. I have never felt like he was just there to make money, you can really tell he has a great passion in what he does.


I’m very happy to write a wee bit on my experiences at Square One Training with James

My name is Daryl, a kiwi and new to the area my brother in law suggested I check out Square One Fitness up the road.


No longer able to play rugby due to a few major knee injuries (as well as age) and similar sports I was beginning to notice how tight my clothes were getting and how I was no where near fitting into my wedding suit.

I was pretty nervous walking into the gym in Kilcornan on day 1 but as soon as I met James I started to feel at ease and energized.

Six months down the track I feel great in my skin, my clothes fit way better, I get compliments on how good I look and the wife is pretty happy with the saggy guts that now shows a few abs.

Everyone I’ve meet at Square One is happy, down to earth and motivated, which is a massive reflection on James and the atmosphere he creates. James definitely knows his stuff and has this ability to make you sweat your arse off whilst having a great time.

Every class is different, challenging and you walk out knackered, stoked and wanting more all at the same time.

Unfortunately I’ve had to move over to the big schmoke (Dublin) so I can’t make the classes anymore and I really miss them.

I fully recommend Square One Training to anyone and everyone.

Not only have I transformed my body and mind, and made new friends but I’ve picked up some really positive habits that I’m actually sticking to over here.

James is very professional with loads of knowledge and he actually cares. I don’t know how he remembers everyone’s name, but he does. He creates an amazing atmosphere and the challenges he sets keeps you active and motivated in between classes. He will even shout you a pint at the social outings he organises for everyone.

Square One Training: Fun, challenging, friends and results.

Thanks James,

Daryl Owens