Jacqueline Caulfield

My name is Jacqueline and I started going to square one training  May 2019.


I had moved and was looking for fitness classes near me that had variety. After searching the Internet I stumbled across square one training and saw there were walk in classes.

I went to Kilcornan the 1st day and didn’t know where to go but James greeted me at the door and straight away explained what to expect and checked about any injuries. James made me feel very welcome and showed me how to use the roller before starting the class. 

James takes an interest in every individual in his class and I don’t know how but he will always remember every single person’s name and will role call each name when splitting up groups.

The vibe in each class is friendly, welcoming, positive, motivational and competitive especially during a challenge week .

I was familiar with some of the exercises we were doing in the class but even when doing them James always came over to help me tweek my technique to show me how to do it correctly and ensure I wasn’t going to injure myself. James also did this without making me feeling out of place or embarrassed within the class. This was a massive relief for me.

 As time went on I decided to take part in his Benchwarmers classes to change up my fitness routine.

These classes really made me realise that feeling strong really does feel good and I found as these 6 weeks blocks progressed so did my strength.

With James encouragement/accountability I started to stay for the double class of Benchwarmers and cool runnings and realised I was capable of both.

Personally I find James and his classes outstanding as he programs them to benefit every individual, the timetable caters for every lifestyle with morning and evening classes and most importantly for me it is my mindfulness.

It is the times in the week I can focus on my mind, let out frustrations, be comfortable to push my limits and Square One Training creates this environment that makes it possible. I feel myself getting fitter and stronger every week.

James knowledge and expertise has been a massive part of my fitness journey and I would recommend James classes at Square One Training to anyone starting at any level of fitness and if your looking to break a sweat or even just to get out of a rut Square One Training is the place to go.

Thanks James for all the hard work you do for us and your expertise.

– Jacqueline Caulfield