Joanne Granahan

All my life I have hated my body and tried and failed to get it the way I want it. Finally at 48 years old and 3 kids later I have.


Started with James in February 2019.I did his 6 week challenge which was just what I needed to get me on track.

I have learnt so much about exercise, nutrition, building up good habits, and I lost weight but more importantly for me I lost inches and toned up.

I went from exercising with my own body weight to progressing to heavier weights by the week!!

Now I feel better, healthier and stronger than I have ever done.

Tried so many classes/gyms in the past but for me Square One Training’s classes are the only thing that has made a difference to my body not to mention my mood and over all well being.

James has a wonderful personality making everyone feel welcome.

The fact he remembers everyone’s name is always impressive and I have met some wonderful people.

Cant  recommend Square One Training enough!

Love the music too.

-Joanne Granahan