Siobhain Stack

It’s Jan 2019, no exercise in over 3 years, not getting any younger and weight creeping on so it was time to take the bull the horns (or bestie by the hand!👭) And off to Square One.


Nearly 1 year on and still routinely going to classes 😲, which in itself speaks volumes for Square One!!

Square One had all the gym excuses covered

1. Cant afford it💰 – one of the few places you can pay by class and there are several payment options e.g weekly, class bundles

2. I’m not fit enough😟 – no one starting classes rarely is! And there’s people starting every week. I can safely tell you that ALL levels of fitness 0-10 are in classes. Everyone works to their own fitness level under the watchful eye of James👀who will guide you. Square 1 is defo not an intimidating place to exercise

3. No time 🕰– check out the timetable loads of classes to fit most peoples schedules early morning, mid morning & evening Mon to Fri

4. I won’t know anyone😢 – this may be true for day 1 but after that, James will know you by name(its his special power🧞‍♂️), everyone is friendly anyway but sure drag your BFF and make it a social catch up, it worked for me!!

5. I wont know how to do exercises 🏋️‍♀️ – James will demo each exercise, no question is too silly and James is a patient guy (I’ve tested both😳).

Sq1 works for me for all of the above and more. You’ve nothing to lose by seeing if it works for you too 💪.

See ya there 😜.

-Siobhain Stack