Recently moved from Kilcornan Leisure Centre in Clarinbrigde to main street Craughwell in August 2020 in the middle of this Covid-10 craic.

Square One Training is for the busy individual.

For those that cant commit to any long term gym memberships, like busy parents, job sharers, shift workers and people who travel abroad for work.

Currently running two main programs “COOL RUNNINGS” and “CONTAGION.

Whatever fitness level you are at right now it doesn’t matter because you go at your own pace with both of these programs.

It’s about progressing slowly and I’m not going to force you to do anything your not comfortable with but I will state my case if I think you are ready to move forward.

It’s a great environment to train in especially with the people who currently train here. Everyone is there for similar reasons and see results but we try and have a bit of fun at the same time.

You might like it or hate it but you don’t really know until you try it.

Training Programs


Currently doing one class at the moment due to the current situation worldwide. Its a mix of the two original programs COOL RUNNINGS and THE BENCHWARMERS.

The focus is on improving strength with weight training and improving fitness with conditioning circuit style classes all in one and so far its a big hit.

Pay as you go, book in only and you can do any time or day that suits you as long as its available. You start at any level and improve from there. Any exercises your uncomfortable with or just can’t do, no problem we can change it up.



Every session feels like your training with great friends – everyone is really supportive of each other. Classes are intense but fun and James is a true gent!


I was pretty nervous walking into the gym in Kilcornan on day 1 but as soon as I met James I started to feel at ease and energized.


Nearly 1 year on and still routinely going to classes, which in itself speaks volumes for Square One!!Square One had all the gym excuses covered.


I noticed after a few weeks that my upper body strength started to improve and I wasn’t getting injured like I normally would (did a lot of f45 fitness training in Australia).


Tried so many classes/gyms in the past but for me Square One Training’s classes are the only thing that has made a difference to my body not to mention my mood and over all well being.


I love how welcome you feel when you walk in and how if you are beside one of the most fit people in the class or beside a beginner you never feel judged.


Personally I find James and his classes outstanding as he programs them to benefit every individual, the timetable caters for every lifestyle with morning and evening classes and most importantly for me it is for my mindfulness.



Drive Times

This is just to give you a quick E.T.A to get to the gym.

Oranmore 14 Minutes / Kilcolgan 12 Minutes

Clarinbridge 13 Minutes / Ballinderreen 16 Minutes

Kinvarra 22 Minutes / Ardrahan 12 Minutes

Labane 14 Minutes / Gort 21 Minutes