Welcome to Square One

Located in the Kilcornan Leisure centre, Square One Training is a gym for the busy individual who can’t commit to any long term memberships.

With a no nonsense approach,  the ‘Cool Runnings’ pay as you go program and the ‘Benchwarmers’ 6 week program,keeping fit and healthy is easy.

With both of these programs you can start at any level.


You go at your own pace taking small steps to improve your health and fitness.

Plenty of flexibility available too with morning and evening times and you can attend 1 to 3 classes per week.

There is Nutritional guidance on hand also where you will be taken through the ‘Healthy Hacks’ Nutritional book to improve your diet and lifestyle habits.


Cool Runnings

This program is a pay as you go class so there is no added stress of money constantly coming out of your bank.

If committed you will have guaranteed results alongside the nutritional guidance in place, while meeting new people and having a bit of craic.

Anyone can do it as you go at your own level and progress slowly.



The Benchwarmers

This is a 6 week weightlifting program designed to increase strength and tone up/build muscle.

Using compound movements and specific exercises this program is great for seeing results fast.

Always aiming to that one more rep or lift a little extra weight to make sure you progress and see results.

More commitment needed for this program as you have to make 3 designated classes/week .