Class Based Gym Craughwell Galway

Square one training

Square One training is a class based gym in Craughwell Co.Galway.

All classes are pay as you go which suits the busy individual who can’t commit to a monthly or yearly contract.

You can start with any class, at any level of fitness.

You go at your own pace, improving your strength and fitness with each class.

You can attend any time you like as long as it’s  available when booking.

With all of this we try to have a bit of craic minus all the BS out there at the moment when it comes to health and fitness.

What We Offer




KCAL Counters

Start with any class, at any level, any time

Cool Runnings

This is your general strength and conditioning class. Using body and free weight training methods this class is great to improve your strength and fitness while having a bit of fun. It's for those who like to get the heart racing.

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A child of the current pandemic, this class is a strength & conditioning class using weight training methods. By far the most popular class and like the cool runnings great for improving your strength, fitness and toning up. Programming is changed every 5-6 weeks with the classes strategically scheduled to make sure you get the most out of the program. Diaries are available for the die-hards who like to keep track of their progress.

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go beyond your limits

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